Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Plans

Disaster Preparedness plans are customized to your particular computing needs. We develop a plan that protects your business or personal information in case of disasters such as electrical, fire, flood or other damage to your computer, and then to rapidly get you back into operation. Essential to any plan is the regular backup of information.

We can train you on how to do this or do it for you.


Website Creation

Tech4Help will create your web site based on WCMS (Web Content Management Systems) to establish a professional look that visitors will enjoy and find easy to navigate. We will work with you over the phone or through instant messenger to demonstrate how to customize the site to your personal goals or vision. Once the project is complete, the WCMS will allow you

to self maintain and edit your site content without a webmaster.

If you already have a website, we can show you how a Web Content Management System can enable you to tune up your web site and evolve beyond your current layout without having to re-invent the wheel.


Customized Web Site - Designed According To Your Specifications

If you have something already envisioned, just let us know. We can accomodate almost any style or layout, or we can even mimick something that you already have in mind. Because we also include the hosting and software installations that allow us to hand over a turn-key package, once we set everything up for you, your web site can grow along with your business.

Optimization and Advertising

We understand how search engine algorithms work. In order to be successful on the web, your website must be easily found by the target audience you seek. Whether it is free advertising, search engine paid placement, or keyword bidding, we will give you the information you need in order to make the most logical decision. Even if there is a very low advertising budget, we will work with you to arrange your payments based on the results achieved. By significantly increasing your traffic, we can expect mutually satisfying results.

Graphic Design

Customized logos can establish credibility and help your visitors remember your site. A sleek webdesign can make all the difference in whether or not visitors even decide to stay at your site. Tech4Help will work with you to build out the scope of your business and provide increased growth for years to come.